What is CNC Press Brake twist ?

"CNC Press brake press is a sheet metal forming bench that bends the sheet metal raw material to the desired form. The more primitive type is called the caka. Sheet metal takes shape by pressing between two molds with press brake bending machines. The big mold at the bottom is the female mold, the upper one is the male mold..

It has models in different tonages and widths. It consists of parts such as upper mold, lower mold, hydraulic axes, CNC control unit. By applying hydraulic force pressure to the female mold of the upper mold, it compresses the sheet between them and allows bending at different angles.

The female mold is "V" shaped. The upper mold, in other words the male mold, is in the same way as "V". The picture below shows a press brake bench.

With the developing technology, the computer's control over machines is increasing rapidly. Higher quality, faster and easier work done in press brake benches increases the quality and competitiveness of production. This, in turn, is possible due to the computer control of the press brake bending machine. Press brake presses apply force to sheet metal by hydraulic pressure.

Information such as material type, material thickness, pressure to be applied is entered into the device from the CNC control panel. After this information is given, the animation is obtained and the product that will appear after the bending process is seen. If an error is encountered, the necessary changes are made to produce the desired product. Another important feature in CNC-controlled press brakes is that the backrest can be moved. The desired form can be given to sheet metal with more precise production thanks to forward, backward, down and up. This, in turn, is one of the amenities that the CNN has gained in press brakes.” .


Press Brake twisting benches

  Power Machinery type Thickness Length Material
* 800 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake Bench 20 mm 6100 mm Stainless
* 440 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake Bench 15 mm 6100 mm Stainless
* 300 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake Bench 12 mm 4100 mm Stainless
* 130 Ton Servo Twisting 3 mm 3100 mm Stainless
* 130 Ton Servo Twisting 3 mm 3100 mm Stainless
* 40 Ton Servo Twisting 1,5 mm 1530 mm Stainless

CNC Brake twisting Tolerances

Thickness Range Maximum Length Tolerance Angle Material
0.5 - 8.0 mm 6.000 mm + / - 0.2 mm + / - 0.25º Stainless
10.0 - 15.0 mm 6.000 mm + / - 1.5 mm + / - 0.50º Stainless
16.5 - 20.0 mm 4.000 mm + / - 1 mm + / - 1º Stainless
21.0 - 30.0 mm 500 mm + / - 1 mm + / - 1º Stainless