What Is Guillotine Shear Cutting?

" The processing of a metal sheet that is difficult to cut by plucking is called guillotine shear cutting. The cutting process in guillotine Shears has the same principle as the shears we use in daily life. Guillotine Shears have double blades. These blades are divided into fixed and movable. The lower blade is stationary; the upper blade is in motion. There is a gap between the lower and upper blades that make the cutting. This gap varies according to the thickness property of the sheet to be cut. For this reason, it is also called double-sided.

Previously performed by hand guillotine shears, today with the development of technology, cutting is done by computer system. Guillotine shears are actually a loom. Guillotine shear cutting is performed by entering metal data into the system. How thick and how to cut the metal is added to the computer counting management. The cutting capacity of guillotine shears therefore varies greatly. Depending on the change shown, production measures also change. Production in this way in the system provides standard. So; serial cutting is performed without errors."


CNC guillotine shear maximum cutting sizes

  Machinery type Thickness Guillotine Length Material
* Guillotine Shear 12 mmı 3100 mm Stainless
* Guillotine Shear 6 mmı 3100 mm Stainless

CNC guillotine shear cutting tolerances

Thickness Tolerance Range Material
0.5 - 6.0 mm + / - 0.5 mm Stainless
0.8 - 12. mm + / - 0.8 mm Stainless