What is CNC plasma cutting ?

Direct current power supply ionizes compressed air and turns it into plasma, making the cutting process in conductive materials. For the cutting process to occur, power supply, continuous constant compressed air, suitable type of torch is required. Plasma cutting can be applied to all conductive metals. Thanks to plasma cutting technology, you can also perform grooving in addition to the cutting process.

Advantages of CNC plasma cutting

Cost Advantages

Different parts can be processed through the same plate sheet. The rate of wastage is reduced to a minimum. If the parts to be machined are suitable, the common surfaces can be cut together and the cost can be reduced. By marking the bending axes, subsequent manufacturing stages are accelerated and costs are reduced.

Quality Advantage

A nearly Burr-free cut is achieved, and heat deformation is minimal. Holes with a diameter of 1.5 times the thickness of the sheet can be processed. All kinds of inscriptions, images, emblems can be cut through sheet metal.

Time Advantage

Pricing and cutting work is done in a short time, ensuring that you are one step ahead.

CNC plasma cutting machines/ benches

  Power Machinery type Thickness Width Length Material
* 440 Ampere CNC plasma cutting machine/ bench 140 mm 3.500 mm 12.500 mm Stainless
* 440 Ampere CNC plasma cutting machine/ bench 140 mm 3.500 mm 12.500 mm Stainless

CNC plasma cutting Tolerances

Thickness External Tolerances Internal Tolerances Material
3 - 40 mm + 3 mm - 3 mm Stainless
41 - 65 mm + 5 mm - 5 mm Stainless
70 - 100 mm + 8 mm - 8 mm Stainless
101 - 130 mm + 15 mm - 15 mm Stainless


Because the plasma flame makes an angle of 3° during cutting, taper is formed on the cutting surface. Therefore, processing shares should be given to the "outer surfaces ( + )" and "inner surfaces ( - )" of the net measure, otherwise your products may go beyond the desired measure."

All cuts are considered to have been given the necessary tolerances by our customers. Otherwise, your products may go beyond the desired size."